Born in the soul-basted countryside of Alabama, and brought to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains to marinade and mature, Red Clay Revival delivers an experience that reshapes the parameters of “roots music” as it is known. Bandleader and songsmith extraordinaire, Doug McElvy, lays a solid foundation at the epicenter of Red Clay’s musical magnitude.

I love this band! These musicians carve an irresistible groove that always gets the party started. Doug Mcelvy is an authentic, soulful powerhouse of a vocalist and songwriter, not to mention a world class fly fisherman! Fishin and pickin- what could be better?!

---- Larry Keel

An Asheville, NC based soul/rock band who fuse nostalgic, dust-covered-vinyl soul aesthetics with modern sensibilities; recently named one of "Music Connections" Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands. Driven by a lust for songwriting, the band’s fervid live performance is heightened by undeniable instrumental prowess and 3 part vocal harmony. With relentless touring, sold out shows and major festival appearances the band has earned a reputation as one of the East Coast’s most promising acts.

A delicious stew of rock, bluegrass, funk, psychedelia, country, folk & blues. A longtime bluegrass favorite, Sanctum Sully has reemerged as an electric rock outfit that churns out an authentic sound. From frantic bluegrass licks to spaced-out ambient rock...Sully brings it, straight from the heart. They are a merry band of friends who’s love & respect for each other bleeds out through the music.

Dedicated song crafting has always been the cornerstone of The Freeway Jubilee. A collective of multiple song-writers formed in Asheville in 2015, the group has maintained a heavy tour schedule since their inception and forged a true brotherhood on the road. Always striving to evoke an emotional experience in their listeners, the band continues to shape their lyrics and powerful vocal harmonies towards the human condition, inspired by the real life experiences of a traveling band on the current American landscape. Their refreshing, explosive blend of gospel-tinged rock and hard-driving soulful grooves, met with a flare of psychedelic mountain music, translates into a genre-dissolving sound that feels strangely familiar yet remains entirely unique to itself.

From New Orleans street corners to New York City clubs (with innumerable stops in between), Lucky James (a.k.a. J.P. Delanoye) has delighted audiences for over thirty years with a unique blend of traditional and modern acoustic music. He accompanies Piedmont and Delta blues, Appalachian flatpicking, swing and folk guitar styles with a driving harmonica and a voice of many dimensions. Original songs (featured on four independent albums) and a broad repertoire of American "roots" music combine for a high-energy, captivating performance.

With a hand-crafted sound and style, M. Hunter strives to breathe creative life into our new musical generation by blending universally identifiable lyrics and melodies with salient individualism. The beauty of simplicity drives each note straight to its mark and will not disappoint. From long-haul truckers, to one night stands, to conspiratorial murder, M. Hunter Begley ensures there's a little something for everyone.